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“Extreme levels” of Herbicide Roundup Found in Food

A new study led by scientists from the Arctic University of Norway has detected “extreme levels” of Roundup, the agricultural herbicide manufactured by Monsanto, in genetically engineered soy.



Media attention has understandably focused on flooding, especially given the devastating floods that have repeatedly struck the region in recent years.This year, it looks as if the Midwest will dodge the bullet – flooding has been damaging and heart-breaking for those affected, but nothing yet has resembled the scope and devastation of the 1993 and 2008 floods. But the Corn Belt's rich soil and

Eating an Organic Diet May Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Frequently eating a variety of organic foods may significantly reduce your risk of developing cancer, according to a groundbreaking study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association...


Price Supports

The House and Senate versions of the pending farm bill are supposed to save $47 billion by repealing three subsidy programs: direct payments, counter-cyclical payments and the average crop revenue election. But both bills would then use almost three-quarters of those savings – about $35 billion – to fund a suite of new farm income support programs designed to put a higher floor under crop prices

PFAS Chemicals Harm the Immune System, Decrease Response to Vaccines, New EWG Review Finds

Toxic PFAS chemicals, notorious for contaminating drinking water supplies across the U.S., are harmful to nearly every human organ, and the immune system is particularly vulnerable. PFAS mixtures...

Open the Window for Fresh Air, Get Lead Instead

Because of the contamination crisis in Flint, Mich., most people know about the health threat of lead in drinking water. But water isn't the chief source of lead poisoning. It's windows. And warm...

Under Udall Proposal, Wind and Solar Would Be Dominant US Energy Source in 15 Years

Congress now has an opportunity to accelerate the urgently needed transition to renewable energy with a nationally coordinated effort. Today Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) filed legislation to require all...

States Stick Ratepayers With $15 Billion To Rescue Nukes

After repeatedly floating specious bailout schemes, Energy Secretary Rick Perry now admits the federal government has no legal authority to prop up aging nuclear power plants. But in the past three...

It’s Time To Designate PFAS a “Hazardous Substance”

Per-and polyfluorinated substances, known as PFAS, are often characterized as “emerging contaminants.” However, ask the residents living in the communities polluted by decades of unregulated...

Federal Energy Subsidies: What Are We Getting for Our Money?

Through tax breaks, funding for research and development, and other federal government programs and policies, American taxpayers subsidize the spectrum of energy sources: oil, natural gas, coal...

Vector-Borne Diseases on the Rise: Protect Yourself With EWG’s Guide to Bug Repellents

Summer is the season for enjoying the outdoors, but as cases of diseases from mosquitoes, ticks and flea bites continue to rise, Americans must remain vigilant about protecting themselves by using an...

To Address PFAS Pollution, Congress Should Report, Reduce and Remediate

When it comes to household waste, we all know the mantra: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Livestock Feedlot Facts Should be Public

Largely out of the public view, government officials, environmental groups and agricultural interests have been battling over public access to data about the workings of the crowded animal feedlots...

Cuomo Aide’s Oil/Gas Investments Questioned in N.Y. Fracking Debate

As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo nears a decision on whether to lift the state's moratorium on shale gas development, filings with the state ethics commission reveal that one of his top advisors may be in a position to benefit personally from the outcome.

How the Defense Spending Bill Vote Could Impact Children’s Health

This year's defense spending bill – the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA – now being considered by Congress, is an unprecedented chance to regulate the toxic fluorinated chemicals known as...

Lead in Tap Water: What Parents Should Know

Lead-contaminated water is not unique to Flint, Mich., or Newark, N.J., where excessively high levels of lead contaminate drinking water. Millions of Americans may unknowingly be drinking water...

The 100 U.S. Military Sites With the Worst PFAS Contamination

Many of the nation's highest levels of groundwater contamination with PFAS – highly toxic fluorinated chemicals linked to increased risk of cancer and other diseases – have been found at military...

Why EWG Standards for Drinking Water?

When it comes to drinking water, a passing grade from the government does not guarantee the water is safe.


Impact of Scaling Back

View and Download the report here: Impact of Scaling Back Crop Insurance Premium Subsidies