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Areas of Focus

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Ruffalo: “EPA should be accelerating – not delaying – government actions that limit industrial releases” of PFAS

WASHINGTON – On January 20, the Environmental Protection Agency released a plan for regulating wastewater pollution, including discharges of the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS. The Effluent...

Over 100 groups press Biden administration to set ‘forever chemicals’ drinking water standards without further delay

WASHINGTON – More than 100 community and environmental organizations, including the Environmental Working Group, today urged the Biden administration to swiftly propose standards to protect drinking...

Ruffalo: "No longer profitable for 3M to poison us"

The following is the statement of Activist and Actor Mark Ruffalo on 3M’s announcement.

House oversight documents reveal Big Oil’s “greenwashing” climate claims to hide investments in fossil fuels

Big Oil companies are “greenwashing” with claims that they embrace clean energy even though behind closed doors they dismiss the effort and remain wedded to dirty fossil fuel investments, a House...

EWG statement on Reagan-Udall Foundation FDA report

The following is a statement from Scott Faber, Environmental Working Group senior vice president for government affairs, on the Reagan-Udall Foundation’s Operational Evaluation of FDA’s Human Foods...

EWG: $1B in federal funds to extend Diablo Canyon nuclear plant’s life is misguided

The Biden administration today announced it will give Pacific Gas & Electric more than $1 billion in federal funding to keep the aging Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California operating past...

Leading California clean energy, environmental justice advocates to discuss state’s proposal to gut rooftop solar program

Prominent clean energy and environmental justice organization leaders will hold a live virtual event on November 17 to discuss how California utility regulators are proposing to hobble the state’s...

EWG: Biden report on climate impacts of Bitcoin demands urgent action

The following is a statement from Scott Faber, Environmental Working Group senior vice president for government affairs, on the report “Climate and Energy Implications of Crypto-Assets In the United...

Ruffalo: Today’s EPA announcement means PFAS polluters must finally pay

The following is the statement of Activist and Actor Mark Ruffalo on the Environmental Protection Agency’s designation of the two most notorious types of PFAS chemicals – PFOA and PFOS – as “hazardous...

EWG statement on FY23 defense appropriations language expanding plant-based meal choices within the military

The following is a statement from Geoff Horsfield, the Environmental Working Group’s government affairs manager, on expansion of dietary choices for service members in the draft 2023 Department of...

EWG statement on Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization erasing safeguards on women’s health

EWG exists to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, effectively imposing bans on abortion that will come into...

EWG welcomes FDA cosmetic reforms

EWG welcomes the cosmetic reforms included in S. 4348, and thanks Sens. Patty Murray and Richard Burr for making cosmetics reform a priority.

Ruffalo: New PFAS health advisories demands polluter accountability

The following is the statement of Activist and Actor Mark Ruffalo on the Environmental Protection Agency’s new PFAS health advisories

EWG welcomes $65 million USDA plan to improve farmworker health and safety standards

The Environmental Working Group today welcomed a new proposal by the Department of Agriculture to spend $65 million on improving health and safety standards for farmworkers.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Former CPUC president, clean energy advocates to call for fundamental reform of PG&E business model

Pacific Gas & Electric, the monopoly California utility with a long and sordid history of wasteful spending, fleecing ratepayers, hindering clean energy equity and rampant negligence that has...

EWG statement on FDA industry guidance on lead levels in juice

WASHINGTON – The Food and Drug Administration today issued draft guidance to the juice industry on levels of lead in apple juice and other ready-to-drink juice and juice blends. The guidance provides...

EWG statement on EPA proposal to ban ongoing uses of asbestos

Today the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it is proposing a rule to ban ongoing uses of chrysotile asbestos. This is also the first rule the agency has proposed under the revised Toxic...

Change the code, not the climate: The campaign to clean up bitcoin

This campaign is asking the bitcoin community: Will you immediately commit to use your investments and your influence to clean up bitcoin?

EWG applauds Senate for confirming Dr. Robert Califf to be FDA commissioner

The Environmental Working Group today applauded the Senate for confirming President Joe Biden’s nomination of Dr. Robert Califf to be the next commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. The...

USDA releases new round of pesticide residue tests on produce showing conventional agriculture’s continued heavy reliance on toxic crop chemicals

The Department of Agriculture today published its latest round of pesticide residue tests for thousands of samples of domestic and imported fruits and vegetables.
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